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Re: What happened to the rest of Vengeance's Section 31 crew?

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All killed I imagine. I feel like Khan's survival was a bit incredulous, particularly given the instantaneous detonation of 75 torpedoes INSIDE the ship and then crashing on Earth. I would've preferred to have had him beam out of ship at the last second or hit an escape pod. Having him just hop off the ship afterwards just seemed a bit hokey but I gave the film some leeway because Khan is an augment after all. OTOH of course, most of the TNG crew were able to survive the crash of the NCC-1701-D, so...............
The Enterprise-D's crash was more of a controlled crash-landing that the saucer was basically designed for.

I'm sure the rest of the Vengeance's crew were killed. They were all basically redshirts anyways.
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