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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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^^^Looks more like the editor wasn't paying attention to costume continuity after they successfully went to warp.
Are you sure the continuity issues are due only to editing? The dialog uttered by Scotty in the pic with the red rad suit is pretty specific to that moment in the film.

SCOTT: Captain, if we don't break free in fifteen seconds, she'll burn up.
Here's how it breaks down re Scotty's uniforms:

Leaving drydock/impulse: standard
Warp drive/wormhole: Rad suit
Fix engines w/Spock & Warp 7: standard
V'ger weapons attacks: standard
After flyover tractor beam: rad suit

So, it's pretty consistent except that Scotty ran to put his rad suit on while they were flying through the cloud, apparently.
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