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Re: Forced perspective, painted backdrops and the refit Enterprise

Maurice - Yep, I had brain cramp and forgot about the thickness of the discs, oops!

Looking at the picture again (which I didn't do during my hurried earlier entry) I would have to agree with Robert_Comsol - on this ocassion, Shane Johnson may have got it right!

1' for each disc
5' for each transluscent section
So each complete "segment" is 7'

Total length (not including the connecting cone) is 87'
From the cente of the vertical conduit to the start of the first full segment is approx 4' (based on the length of the transluscent section & checked against Shane Johnson)

Now, if the engine room (on a 1,000' TMP-E) is in its official location centred on the Impulse Deflection Crystal, then the horizontal tube at the V-split would not quite reach the pylons (40'-80' short, depending on where the conduit enters the pylons).

This problem could be negated if the "real life" distance between the discs is larger on the FP segments along the horizontal length, around 11'-15' for each complete segment. However, the presence of a crewmen at the far end makes this unlikely - he just doesn't seem that far away!

Maybe they should have used the backdrop painting after all?

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