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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I really enjoyed the composers' round table (round...piano?), very candid.

I'm surprised the score to Best of Both Worlds only got a passing reference - but a pretty telling one. It's the most famous of the scores, but I suppose it's cool that other episodes got a lot of mention, like Skin of Evil, Tin Man, Inner Light. After doing that incredible cliffhanger music for BOBW, the producers' response was "we don't need to do that again" ....ugh!

Ron said that if he hadn't been fired, he might have left on his own. Based on the direction of the music from then on, I believe him. It's refreshing to see that Chattaway and McCarthy shared his criticism of their limitations. I know Ron had been critical in the past, but I don't remember hearing their perspective before.

When Dennis talks about the opening music, he relayed the conversation I think from Justman that they were going to use the Courage theme and Goldsmith's TMP theme, which they did. But he made no mention of the unused main title theme that appeared on the EAF soundtrack. I would have loved to hear more about that, and the decision to scrap it.

The Inner Light flute tune over the end credits was a nice touch.
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