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I do have some but I don't want to influence the debate too much. That said, we also had narrower themes.

I imagine that some of the problems the challenge was plagued by before its hiatus could be remedied by not having challenges that often, i.e. using the proposed model of challenges running a season. Presumably, more people would find the time to read, comment and vote on the stories and to write them in the first place, too, of course.

Also, a story idea might present itself over the course of a longer time to authors who at first can't connect to the theme of the current challenge. I don't know about others but I like to have two weeks set aside for writing so if I only come up with a story idea three weeks into a monthly challenge I discard it because the time isn't there to work out the details.

Anyway, I'd propose we try the thing with longer running challenges and see where it gets us. If Cobalt Frost is still up for it he may set a new challenge that ends some time before the beginning of spring (there should be a week or so for voting). I think it would be okay if it started before December 21st because of the rather busy time around Christmas.

Otherwise, I'll set a new challenge on December 21st.
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