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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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Having seen some Phase II pictures of the original engine room like this one (mirrored or not?) it looks like there actually is a door right next to the octogon wall panel, so there wouldn't be the need to rationalize an entranceway in the octogon.
That's a good find but not exact. Rationalizing an in-universe interior with out-of-universe partial set elements that were moved around is a bad thing, IMHO. (The phase 2 octagon is one level down and there are 2 panels separating it from the door on the right.)

However, that did encourage a re-examination of the actual visuals and we do see what appears to be a door/opening to the right, one panel away from the octagon that is visible in TMP behind Kirk.

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Thus, the blue corridor used by Kirk in TMP to get to the upper level of the engine room would actually extend to the stern (starboard side) and not to the bow (and outside the ship).
I'd put it on the stern port side after rotating 180 around the engine room.

Now, it fits fine on the stern on my setup with the horizontal conduit having evenly spaced segments.

But, if I use the "short" segments then the corridor gets crowded with the diagonal segments (not to mention it won't reach the warp pylons without another horizontal run.)

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Too bad that takes only care of the upper level's blue corridor.
Yep. Still got the main level one.

The top blue corridor could go either way, but the stern version can work for me.
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