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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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The best Trek poses a moral question.
If that's what "Insurrection" was supposed to do, it failed miserably. It didn't pose a moral question, it gave you the answer: it said, "We're the good guys, those ugly ones are the bad guys, now don't ask any questions."

Hearing Data describe his longing for understanding what it is like to be a child, watching Data act in the best interest of Starfleet, hearing Picard's voice when he talked about ending Data, all of those things stirred my emotions.
It's always interesting to me to compare and contrast audience reactions. I remember sitting in the movie being out of popcorn about two thirds of the way through the film wondering, "When am I actually supposed to care about anything that's happening?"

The thing is I really wanted to like "Insurrection." I was sick to death of time travel and definitely didn't want another bang-bang shoot-em-up. I had high hopes Piller would write a great feature-length character story the way he did for DS9's "Emissary." After seeing "Insurrection," I could't believe the same writer penned both stories.

Have you ever watched a Dramedy? I feel this movie is one. While we see Picard dance the mambo, we also see his rather serious question moments later (his mind has been working as the scientist he is!) "How old are you?" You can appreciate the mixing of the two genres and too many people are looking for pure darkness and thinking that makes a better movie.
It didn't need to be darker. It just needed to be a better movie.

This movie is subtle. It speaks in whispers. The only person who doesn't, is F. Murray Abraham.
There's nothing subtle about it. The good guys are beautiful, the bad guys are fugly, and our heroes are always right even when they're wrong.
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