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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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The planet is not Federation property. It may be in Federation SPACE, but that doesn't mean anything.
Except, the planet isn't surround by the Federation but separate from it, according to Picard the planet is IN FEDERATION SPACE.

That planet only becomes part of the Federation if it asks to join and is granted. If it doesn't do so, then the Federation can't do jackshit about it.
During these threads I like to bring up New Orleans, since it's founding as a small port and trading post the nation it belonged to changed a number of times, the people who lived in the city had no say in these exchanges.

New York used to be New Amsterdam, it's belonged to three countries. Apparently the people living there didn't mind moving from the Dutch to the British, or later to America.

But they never were ASKED.

Vulcans refer to this as a'Tha
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