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Agent Richard07
Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

She looks like she'll fit the part well enough. I'm not overly excited but I'm not displeased either.

Gojira wrote: View Post
the movie is getting awfully crowded!
Captain Craig wrote: View Post
This is less and less a direct sequel to MOS, on paper it seems, and more....something else entirely.
Agreed. Not good.

Anwar wrote: View Post
We don't know how big a role Diana has in the film, it might just be a minor role.
I hope so.

davejames wrote: View Post
Can't say I remember her much from the F&F films...
I saw all the films a few months ago and my memory of her is pretty vague too.

Christopher wrote: View Post
And yes, Wonder Woman is supposed to be 6'0"...
Last I heard, she was 5'11. It varies from era to era it seems.

Ríu ríu, chíu wrote: View Post
I can't look at this thread without reading it as "Gul" Gadot.
When I first saw the thread title, I thought it said "Gul Dukat".
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