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Re: About the KHAN scream.

when I first saw the ending of STID I couldn't stop having images of Wrath of Khan in my mind, and finding the new movie inferior. As BIG as that reactor room was in the new movie, I find that little room where Spock was in was soooo much more interesting and engaging. Like Red Letter Media commented does it have to be bigger to be greater? And the whole role reversal is clever but I think mostly non trek fans though it was fun... 'cause you know... it was like... opposite... how clever!

My biggest gripe was the fact a Vulcan was called to a very emotional moment... when they don't portray emotions, then he goes on a total rage.

What was great with the classic Trek Films was Leonard Nimoy's ability to convey emotion as being emotionless. It's more what he said, then the screaming and raging.
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