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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

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I can't look at this thread without reading it as "Gul" Gadot.
That would instantly make the movie 100 times more awesome

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Personally I'm glad they're going for a cuter Lynda Carter-style WW for this. I've never really cared for the bulkier female wrestler-style WW who seemed to be completely lacking in any of the charm and personality that Carter brought to the role.

Plus it's just a lot more fun watching a normal looking girl kick ass than someone who looks like she does it for a living.

I have a season of Lynda carter's WW (the third season). While watching almost any episode, if you see WW for more than 2 minutes combined, you're extremely lucky, and Lynda Carter is never the main character. It's always either Steve Trevor, or a "man of the week" who appears for one episode and does almost everything story and action related before leaving and never being seen again. Funnily enough, I could see the movie going like that. she shows up, has a cameo punches something, and then just kind of leaves. She really needs her own movie, preferably one where she gets to be the main character.

As for her appearance, Lynda Carter isn't a very good WW, but she's still better than this person from a strictly physical perspective. At least Carter never looked like she was about to blow over in a breeze, some of those Galdot pics make her look like someone about to die of starvation
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