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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

She looks smaller than the Wonder Woman from that horrible TV pilot, and the TV pilot WW was too small for the role, too (although that was probably the least of the WW pilot's problems). I mean, you don't need to find a body builder style Wonder Woman (a female body builder in the role would be way too creepy) but a short, super model thin WW is just as bad. But, its a movie, so even more than TV they need to go with the atractiveness of the actress as the #1 decision for who will play DC's leading female hero, with acting ability a second and actually looking the part probably not even a consideration. That said, there are a few actresses that could have nailed all three (Sif from Thor would have been a good choice), but I'm not sure about this woman. She could be a great actor, I can't judge that yet. Then again, its the Man of Steel sequel. They could cast the perfect actress, and it would still be a David S. Goyer DC superhero film. That being the case, it really doesn't matter who they cast, its not like they'll be playing anything approaching the actual character anyway, so they might as well cast a random (and, judging from her work, most likely a relatively cheap) actress to play WW.

If nothing else, when the movie comes out JMS will probably be able to say that he no longer holds the title for the most poorly written WW ever
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