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December Art Challenge - A Blue Christmas

Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't mean the same to Andorians next to me ...


It's Christmastime and I'm feeling blue - not the mood, just the color. No yellow this Yuletide, no green on your Greensleeves; we're talking the Indigo Girls and not Simply Red.

We're pretty Fed-centric around here, with starships and soda cans and all the mirth from Earth we can stand. This month, we're going to fade to blue, and we're going to do it in the spirit of the season. Plus, there are those groovy Andorian ice powers we've all heard of ...

Santa's got a wider flight path this year - he's going to Andor and bringing gifts to all the good little girls, boys, and whatever other genders he may find there. It's up to you to paint it blue - give us a scene of Andorian joy, a picture for a Christmas card that people with antennae could love.

It can be a space scene, a landscape, a comic, a gift, a card, whatever you like, but it's got to be clear that it's Andorian, and it should also evoke the spirit of the season.

Make us merry and make us blue (and, no, Bolians don't count - unless they're visiting their Andorian friends ).

And just to make things line up, we'll say that the Andorian Christmas is Jan. 01, so be sure to have your entries done and e-mailed to ptrope at gmail dot com by Dec. 31 @ midnight (PST) or you're getting a lump of blue coal ...
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