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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Hmm....I'm not really a big fan of sub-only releases personally, especially since I thought they'd signed Bang Zoom on for this, but I'd definitely consider it.
They probably commissioned them to dub the first (or first couple of episodes) so that they'd have something to show perspective clients, with an option in place to dub the rest when they secured a broadcast contract with a channel.

Honestly though - as someone who owns all 7 Japanese Blu-Rays of the remake which honestly did have a good English sub-titled track on it (IE the sub-titles were well done and appeared to be done by someone with a good grasp on the English language); I really wonder what Voyager Ent. is going to do, other than re-release those masters on the U.S. market with an English disc menu and different packaging.

I mean are they really going to redo the sub-titles using old Star Blazer style character and ship names? If so, ugh.

(And as I already own a good, original sub-titled set; no reason for me to pick up the 'Starblazers 2199' version anyway.)
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