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Re: Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

There's no reason why Wonder Woman should look Greek. In mythology, the Amazons were the enemies of the Greeks. The whole point of them was that they were a barbarian culture from a remote, alien land and represented the "evil" opposite of Greek gender values. In mythology, they're generally said to be from Scythia -- the modern Ukraine -- or Turkey, though some sources put them in Libya instead. They may have been inspired by real-life Asian horse nomad cultures from the region, in which gender roles would've been fairly egalitarian. So if anything, one should expect Amazons to be more Middle Eastern or Central/Southwest Asian.

Although DC Amazons are a multiethnic nation of refugees from cultures all over the world, at least in the post-Crisis/pre-New 52 era. Not to mention that Diana was molded from clay, so heredity really isn't a factor for her.

Anyway, looking into Gal Godot online, I'd say she'll need to put on a fair amount of muscle for the role. Otherwise, she could pull off the look, but I don't know whether she's a good actress.
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