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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

The thing about Marco Polo is that there were solid rumours that something had been found back in October 2012. By July 2013 it had become Web, Enemy and Marco Polo, but with something that meant Web wasn't a definite deal, so whereas Enemy would be on DVD this year, and Marco would be run on BBC4 for the anniversary, they weren't sure what was going to happen to Web.
Well, the Web and Enemy bit of it was all true, assuming that the Web niggle was the absence of episode three. Which just leaves Marco Polo: either that bit was wrong even though the rest was right, or... it's back, but the restoration is running into problems, and nothing will be announced until they have something ready to release. I'm inclined to go for the latter, having dismissed the notion of an October/November release for Enemy of the World back in August/September 'cos I was too sceptical. Might be too optimistic now, but I hope not!
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