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Re: Happy 19th Birthday, Star Trek Generations!

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It wasn't just Paramount that wanted the two captains to meet. That's all the fandom was talking about.
I'm pretty sure the fans had something other in mind than the two captains buttering toast together.
quote from Branga
“I think that Kirk and Picard should have been locked in battle on spaceships, on their respective bridges, and not cooking eggs.”
I remember hearing Braga say that and thinking, "Gosh, Brannon, if only you had been in a position to have done something about it."

Of course, the way the captains meet is far from the film's only problem. The biggest poblem of the entire film -- and the entire story falls apart as a result -- is that the character setups completely contradict the payoffs. I'm brought this up in other threads. The beginning of the film sets up Kirk's greatest wish as getting out of retirement and back into the action; then he gets into the Nexus, which gives him his greatest wish, which is... a quiet retirement? Huh? Picard, who has been thinking about the life he sacrificed by being a starship captain, very quickly shakes off the temptations of the Nexus and goes to convince Kirk to go back with him. The way Moore and Braga set up the story and the characters, it should be Kirk convincing Picard to go back, not the other way around. The payoff is the exact opposite of the setup. This is basic writing 101 stuff.
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