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That really depends on the year that she is commissioned. If it is in 2385, I'd say 85000-ish. If in 2390, I'd say 90000-ish. If in 2395, then 95000-ish. If in 2400, I'd have to 100000-ish.
I'm guessing these ranges are based on STO? (I don't play, but I've seen some images with numbers up there.) I'm not sure I buy into the thought that Starfleet puts out 1000 new registries every year. It doesn't seem to mesh too well with a universe where NCC-70637 was commissioned in 2357 and NCC-74656 was commissioned 14 years later.

But I guess since the registries are all just pretty much advanced handwavium anyway, I would say just go with whatever number you like!
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