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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

I'm watching the movie for the first time in maybe a year, possibly my last go-around for my videotaped copy. Either I'm so starved for entertainment that I'm noticing new things, or I've seen it so much that I'm numbed, and my mind can afford to wander without "missing anything".

Spock drops his medallion in the sand when he appears, and McCoy proudly wears one when he shows up. Is there any symbolic significance to this?

After the transporter accident, Kirk says "There was nothing you could have done, wasn't your fault." Now, my only copy is the videotape I purchased eons ago, and the tv cropping of the image may make the scene read differently, but after Kirk says this he turns to leave. Is the transporter room particularly cramped, or something? Kirk turning looks very constrained, as if he were turning around in a phone booth.
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