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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


So this episode divides into two separate plots whereby Archer gets kidnapped by a Tellarite bounty hunter and Típol undergoes an artificially induced pon farr.

Poor Reed. After that episode where he and Trip were lost and he rather drunkenly went on about how nice he thinks her ass is he now has her rubbing up against him suggesting they get intimate and not only is he unable to say yes because of her clearly unnatural state of mind he is also stuck in a bulky spacesuit and unable to appreciate the rubbing up against him stuff. At least eh managed to get laid by a pretty blond alien a couple episodes back.

Phloxís sudden shyness and claims about Denobulan males being less extrovert and more private about their bodies than the females is a nice gender dynamic but doesnít quite jive with the cheerfully open attitude towards sexuality that weíve seen him display in previous episodes. I do wonder at the end if his serum worked or he had to resort to the old fashioned method and if his serum did work why isnít it used to help alleviate pon farr in future series? Though if the serum was made to target the bacteria causing the pon farr rather than the pon farr itself that would make it useless in helping to alleviate actual pon farr which is caused by brain chemicals not alien bacteria so I guess that answers that question.

Archers plot is a follow up from the episode Judgement and I like that we have consequences from those events. You cant simply escape form a Klingon penal colony and expect to be able to left alone to fly about exploring. Klingons are a proud race and hate to be made fools of. They are also dangerous to cross as this Tellarite has learnt. I feel sorry for the guy having lost his ship and had his relationship with his brother ruined because of the Klingons. I like the plan he and Archer came up with and that he gets away with enough darsecs to maybe be able to buy a new ship and definitely to get a new start in life probably somewhere far away from Klingon space.

Overall this episode gets four and a half stars

The Expanse

This episode is both sad and exciting. The opening scene is so unexpected and completely random that it isnít until the following scenes where Archer must inform his officers that you fully comprehend what you just saw. Earth being attacked. Even then it isnít until you see Trip worrying over his baby sister, his inability to get hold of her or find anyone who knows where she is, his slowly fading hope that she wasnít home at the time, that the emotional consequences of this attack become apparent.

The other crew members are shocked and saddened by what has happened but it is Trip with his missing sister that is the most connected to the event and allows the audience to see and understand the tragedy of this seemingly random attack in more personalised terms. His acting is great and I like that he focuses his grief and disbelief of what has happened into anger at those responsible.

The episode is also exciting as it really shakes things up. Before they were just flying round exploring and meeting new people with a bit of continuity and a time travel plot that popped up every now and again mixed in but now they suddenly have a purpose, a very specific mission, and an area of space that is essentially the Bermuda triangle to go exploring in. The sudden attack on earth, the worry over whether Típol will stay or leave, being pursued by a bunch of Klingon ships seeking revenge all makes for a tense fast paced episode.

Then there is TíPol and we really get to see how much her attitude toward Archer and the crew of the Enterprise has changed as she chooses to remain with them rather than return home, to follow her heart rather than listen to logic. I found many of her scenes this episode were nearly heartbreaking. Soval really seems to care for her and want whats best for her and just canít understand her feelings on the matter. Then there is the scene where Archer is trying to do whatís best for her by telling her she should leave when really he wants her to stay and the whole time she is arguing against him. Uggh this episode just had so many moments that engaged my emotions in a great way.

Overall I give this episode five full stars. The show seems to be headed in an entirely new direction and I am excited to see where it goes. Now that I have finished posting my thoughts on season 2 I can start season 3 yaaay!!!
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