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Re: What do you think Star Trek will do for its 50th anniversary?

My idea:

Star Trek XIII involves an experiment with technology inspired by sensor readings from Nero's ship, and Spock Prime is actually on board assisting, with a hidden agenda to use the opportunity to take his Vulcan refugees to *his* Vulcan. A problem with the temporal equipment results in a recreation of some similar events to those of the TOS episode "The Deadly Years" with appearances from Shatner, Takei, Koenig, and Nichols. Ultimately, they reverse the effect and succeed in opening a path to Primeverse, that for some reason comes out of the wormhole at Bajor, so we actually get to see the new crew meet some of the crew from TNG/DS9/VOY (and possibly engage in some minor conflict with them before convincing them "transporting refugees to Vulcan" isn't some Romulan or Typhon Pact subterfuge - they've heard that one before ) before returning to their own universe and further adventures.
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