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I still find the main deflector glaringly ugly, which is a shame, because the rest of the ship has some beautiful design elements (the shape of the saucer section, the nacelles, and the fantail, for instance). I'd have to say that the aft cutout in the secondary hull is my favorite design element of the whole ship.

I find the inability to use the saucer's impulse drives for extended periods of time when moving the whole ship and a lack of warp drives for the saucer section to be glaring inadequacies for a vessel originally designed to replace the Sovereign or Galaxy class, and it would have been really forward thinking to give the Saucer Section Quantum Slipstream abilities.

Perhaps these are things to think about if you do any more designs, or alter the Excelsior.

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Beautiful ship!

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Perhaps the Excelsior's registry should be 300001?
I think you could just put an '8' in front of the '3000', and you'd be good to go!
That really depends on the year that she is commissioned. If it is in 2385, I'd say 85000-ish. If in 2390, I'd say 90000-ish. If in 2395, then 95000-ish. If in 2400, I'd have to 100000-ish. You might want to also look for other ships commissioned around the same time, and look at their registry numbers for reference. Keeping the NX prefix might make sense if the shield booster is still in the experimental stage.

Given that there are at least 2 ships that should be of the same era that has the name Excelsior, I wouldn't blame you if you did give her a letter registry, though that doesn't mean she is going to be counted in my timeline, as I consider the Queenstown class to be the current Excelsior. Then again, I've also already decided on which Frontier class is in the primary timeline I work in.
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