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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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The running gag about the ring bear.
Yeah, this is screaming for a great pay-off.

I liked Lilly's reaction to Ted claiming the wedding gift mastery in the flashback, which would be before they resolved that story earlier.
That was my favorite moment of the episode too. If this show does one thing well, it's continuity. Of course this episode did a lot of things well.

At first I was annoyed at Barney's attitude, sometimes to go for a cheap joke the writer's will write Barney as if he's twelve, but at least this time his annoying attitude had a purpose...and after a while I figured it was too over the top to not be a put on. It wasn't as neat of a reveal as Barney;s proposal, but it was sweet and further proved that these two do make a good couple.

I also liked that we finally saw why Lily is upset about Marshall taking the Judgeship, she believes it means Italy is out of the question. It's very telling of the kind of person Lily is that she believes Marshall's dreams are more important then hers. I wonder if the writers are going to explore this at all.

Since this was the last episode before winter hiatus, I was hoping we'd see the Mother finally show up to the INN, but I suppose you can't have everything.
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