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Re: What do you think Star Trek will do for its 50th anniversary?

Since Prime Verse is most likely dead in the eyes of the execs, anything new relating to any of the TV series (apart from a documentary) is highly unlikely. If I was going to put money on it, I'd say the next movie, a documentary with a small amount of unreleased material and some actor interviews and a load of re-runs of classic episodes from all the series.

A feature-length TV special pulling in members from all 5 series would require cheesy time-travel or holodeck rubbish. Doctor Who can pull that off, because time travel is the whole premise of that show.

It would be possible to do a '20 years later' thing with TNG, DS9 and VOY crews, a bit like B5 'Sleeping in Light' but I doubt it would happen. Doesn't mean we cant fan'fic it though
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