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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Got season 4 today. Watched BOBW part 2. Very disappointed at how grainy and dark many of the shots were. Had the DNR set to the max setting on the TV, but I was still having to turn down the sharpness to alleviate the grain. Also some close up shots of Riker in the observation lounge with Shelby appear well over saturated. She looks like she's been DNRd in close up shots, while Riker looks like he's being filmed from behind a sandstorm.

I'm no fan of DNR, but when done properly, it can have benefits on excessively grainy stock. Is beyond the wit of CBS to have made all the scenes look similar in terms of toning down the grain to a level where do you don't notice it so much straight after a scene with no grain?

Even The Digital Bits have only given the video quality for season 5 a B. I'm holding off buying it, mainly till I can pick up an Italian copy for about 30 Euro in a few months.
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