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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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So instead, Paramount chose to angle their promotion of the film omitting that little tidbit. There's nothing wrong with that. It makes pefect sense that Paramount would want as many butts in the theaters and as many eyeballs on those screens because means the picture is selling tickets. Why this is such a complex issue to comprehend is beyond me.
Thing is, the reason they chose Khan is because it's "what everyone wanted." You'd think if you're going to include "what everyone wanted" in the movie, you'd want to promote the hell out of it, not keep it a secret. Hell, at the very least they could have made John Harrison the renegade Starfleet officer public a lot sooner than they did.

I guarantee you, hearing "the Enterprise crew fights Khan" or "the Enterprise crew fights a renegade Starfleet officer" makes the movie sound a lot more exciting than "the Enterprise crew fights someone."
The nerd rage and foaming at the mouth about this movie got to be ridiculous, and I knew, I just KNEW the minute I saw that article pop up on Pajiba that someone would post it here and (whether intentionally or not) misconstrue JJ's quote. I was not advocating that it was a better or ideal way to promote the film. I was attempting to point out the oversight by the OP's insinuation that this was all done to "snub" longtime Trek fans. That's all.
I never said the decision was done to snub fans. Only that I'm not surprised that Paramount chose to ignore aiming the film toward fans. What I was trying to articulate was, it was silly to be coy about the film's antagonist when Gen audiences wouldn't care who it was. Khan's identity was only something fans would catch on to. How many times did they lie about the film's villain identity? Who benefitted from them keeping the secret? General audiences wouldn't care who it was. Keeping it a secret only fueled fan speculation. The same narrow audience TPTB stated they weren't trying to appeal to.
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