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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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Having followed this thread from the beginning, and having learned of the new series of books and the surprising amount of editorial errors (not to mention the borderline call on ethical practices) behind the first edition released, I have to wonder if Trek BBS will/is serving as editor-in -chief for the revised edition set to be released.

I knew more about TOS than anybody I had ever met face-to-face, growing up. I still retain most of that knowledge four decades later. But I have to admit, I am literally blown away by the knowledge and writing ability (and obvious intelligence) some of you that participate in this forum regularly demonstrate. The love for Trek bleeds through, even when critical thinking and conjecture is at play.

If I were the guy that released that 1st edition, knowing the following TOS has, I'd be sniffing every available forum just after its release, knowing that the knowledgeable life-long fan base would be at work reviewing it and bringing to light any errors, aside from any satisfaction I'd be looking to derive from the effort.

Far as I'm concerned, I'd bet that you all ARE acting as a clean-up crew of sorts if this guy IS actively digesting feedback on the errors and looking to correct matters for the re-release. And of course, there will be no credit handed out....which is commensurate with the whole picture-usage-thing so correctly pointed out earlier in this thread.
Despite some flashpoints over the years I value coming to the TBBS to discuss or even just lurk with fellow fans. No, we don't always or often agree, but the wealth of information shared is amazing. I've even managed to become at least civil if not more friendly with a few individuals I used to argue with.
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