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Re: Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drones Revealed By CEO Jeff Bezos

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Also, what happens when some kid grabs hold of a drone, and it takes off with the kid holding on to it?

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drones can fly in bad weather just like planes do.
But planes are much larger than the drones we're talking about, and thus would seem to be less prone to being tossed about by weather.
Planes are able to fly when the visibility is low because the government has mapped out the tall buildings, antennas and terrain. Aviation maps are divided into rectangles which indicate an altitude above which planes can rely on not colliding with anything but birds and other aircraft. Pilots have to submit their routes to government traffic controllers ahead of time and follow controller directions to prevent collisions with other aircraft.

To leave packages in front of residences these drones would be descending into the space occupied by things like buildings, trees, flagpoles, fences, overhead utility wires and pedestrians. Many of these things aren't going to be plotted out on maps and may have changed since the last time the street view car drove by.
While true, the drones could be fitted with infared or other alternative sensors for close-in navigation that can see through clouds.

Or they could simply discontinue drone delivery in bad weather. It doesn't have to be an always-on service.
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