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Also interesting that out of the four DLCs (not counting the Extended Cut), only one actually had you dealing with the Reapers at all!
Four DLCs? I don't think "From Ashes" counts, since it came in the box.
Well, that's a whole rant in and of itself!

My irritation over it was mostly from a moral standpoint though, since it didn't directly affect me. I bought the collector's edition which came with it anyway.

Now, before anyone says "sucker!" I had always planned on getting it since the first two I got on steam--ME1 at a deep discount--so I wanted at least one boxed copy.

Anyways, from the player's POV, the Reapers had already been done & dusted when they got to the post-release DLC. Telling unrelated stories was the smarter approach there - give players a new reason to return, instead of offering them more of the same.
I suppose. And taken individually it does make sense; Omega was always going to be a Cerberus mission (and to be fair they did add a new/old reaper enemy), Citadel was a fun romp and Leviathan of course did deal directly with their origins. I guess
since like the balance in the main game was already tipped away from the reapers, the DLC just felt like it compounded the issue.

I guess I'm also a little annoyed that beyond the initial attacks on Earth and Palavan, you never really got to see what was actually going on out there, you only hear about it second hand. Even the fall of Thessia felt somewhat underplayed. A mission where you have to liberate civilians from a processor ship would have been great. Or boarding a live reaper to take it down from the inside! So many side missions that could have involved *not* fighting Cerberus.

Speaking of Omega, that was a *huge* missed opportunity! First off, a new hub would have been a great addition. I mean they already had the Afterlife map, all they had to do was re-dress and populate it. Having Aria re-appear on the Citadel almost immediately just felt so out of place! You'd think they'd handle it the same way they did with Liara in ME2. Secondly, it would have been fantastic if Nyreen was recruitable. Her death made no sense save to motivate Aria to go berserk and even that could easily have been done without killing her off.

How hard would it have been to record a few dozen more lines for Nyreen on the Normandy, a handful of in-mission reactions and a single exchange in London? While it would have been nice for her to interact with the others, it's not like it would have been a big deal if the budget didn't allow it. I don't think Zaeed or Kasumi ever interacted directly with anyone and I think Allers only ever speaks to Shepard or Traynor (more evidence she was an afterthought btw!)

It'd make sense to since once you take back Omega, you have to settle who gets to run things. The obvious way to do it is have it come down to a choice between installing Aria or Nyreen. Maybe full paragons & renegade being able to convince Aria to leave peacefully (thus becoming a war asset) if you pick Nyreen to stay, while paragades/renegons forced to gun Aria down. The recruitment offer for Nyreen being available regardless of course.

I mean the line-up felt so limited after ME2 that it would have been nice to have just one extra. Indeed, if like me you didn't have Kaiden and were playing as a Soldier class, your only biotics were Liara & Javvik so Nyreen as a Sentinel would have filled the gap very well.

Recruiting Aria might have been fun too, but frankly from a character standpoint it makes little sense. Aria doesn't make a habit out of taking orders. Would have been fun to see her reunited with Wrex at some point though!

P.S. Anyone else think Sumalee Montano (Nyreen) should be the female VO for "not-Shepard" in ME4?

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