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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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"Clearly acknowledged now as a lost opportunity" by a vocal minority of self-described hardcore Star Trek fans, perhaps. In a more general way, I don't think so.
Abrams seems to think so, hence referring to the way it was handled as a "mistake". That's from the horse's mouth
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Sure, I can bet you anything that it is on his mind. He's a Hollywood producer, he knows Trek is a cash cow, that there's potential profit, and would be a fool to think otherwise. Paramount certainly is.
So, which is it, from the horse's mouth, or that you can bet me anything that it is on his mind?

All I can see, reading between the lines, is that JJ regrets his alienation with a certain part of the hardcore fanbase. Maybe you can point me to where he talks about a "lost opportunity" or says that not revealing Khan earlier cost them domestic market share.
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