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Re: Older people - How do you define 'young'

I'm very sorry about your dad, macloudt.
If you need someone to compassionately listen to your midlife experiences: health and fitness-wise I'm in much in the same situation you describe. Including being "equatorially challenged" I keep getting surprised when I look into a mirror. The image I have of myself is 20 years younger and 20 lbs lighter LOL. Memory is a funny thing.
It might actually be fun to hang out online together and just whine about stiff joints, thinning hair, the difficulties to sleep a night without waking up 10 times or how much slower cuts and bruises heal all of a sudden.

_C_ welcome to the board! (Better late than never. The welcome, I mean)
I very much agree with you that age is a question of perspective. I found that the older I get the bigger gets the gap between my current age and what I consider to be old. Did you make the same experience?

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BTW, the USSR had no office of "president." Nikita Khrushchev held the dual positions of First Secretary of the Communist Party and Premier.
Thanks. I didn't know the correct word and completely forgot about teh possibility to simply look it up online LOL. I definitely need more sleep!
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You're the same age as my baby sister.
Cool!!! It's been ages since someone called me baby (in either sense)
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away

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