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Re: You know what really irks me about "Insurrection"?

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Or if they had kept more of the ideas he originally pitched that were deep-sixed by Berman, Stewart and Spiner.
Such as?
I believe the original script was going to be much darker. Basically showing a Federation that was worn down by the war against the Borg and the Dominion, and their desperation to take the radiation off that planet's rings, not giving any fucks about the indigenous people there.

But Stewart and Spiner wanted a light hearted script that dealt only superficially with the topic of the fountain of youth. So due to their meddling, the script became campy, with the "Insurrection" being only against one idiot Admiral, and boob/zit jokes. (I believe the original script did mean to have an insurrection against the entire Federation. I would have loved to see Picard tell Admiral Nechayev to fuck off )

Alas we got what we got, a mediocre 2 part TNG episode with "victims" you just want to choke the living shit out of.
Sounds like the plot to Avatar TNG Style.
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