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First, the person most likely to have a mole in the "Post Office" aka Black Site, is Reddington. (And my favored candidate is still Ressler.)

Second, since Hawkeye's people have everything bugged and computers hacked, why do they have to have cell phone calls?
Just enter an innocuous code that looks like part of business into some hacked computer.

Third, I know the writers would rather kill the witnesses rather than have them talk, and the characters would just rather kill. But how could they pass up the opportunity to catch anybody who came in to relieve the watcher? Or even check to see where the surveillance data may have been sent?

Not even worthy of an ordinal, the opposite of an anesthetic!

And, somehow he's resisting!

Anslow Garick was so boring that for once I was pleased to see Reddington kill someone. Alas, the setup was so clumsy and telegraphed it still wasn't a thrilling moment.

Despite all the torture and murder, it wasn't very interesting until Hawkeye and Reddington were talking. The moral is that Reddington and a real character always beats Reddington and a mindless script puppet.

Oddly enough, the hospital scenes with Ressler were lifelike and charming, like real people. Very out of place.

The most dramatically intense scene was Liz and Tom. Megan Boone was deliberately scripted as inarticulate. She must feel trying to act this character is Sisyphean labor.

The long vacation may kill this show for me.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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