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Re: USS Kelvin Cutaway (WIP)

Glad you guys like it! When it comes to cutaways, I really like the more realistic cross-section look, rather than a systems chart or something. If I had the patience (or the skill), I'd be doing this on a 3D model of the Kelvin. Maybe that'll be my next project. I just need to make my own Kelvin model to avoid controversy.
I'm working in Photoshop Elements.

V Click for larger view V

Slowly creeping in towards the primary hull. Spent a lot of time working out the planes of separation between the secondary hull and its neck, and the nacelle and its neck. I imagine that the ship - in case of emergency - might be able to jettison the secondary hull and/or the nacelle. So I installed some huge explosive bolts to make that possible. But it wouldn't be a Galaxy-class style separation. No autonomous parts. The saucer can survive on its own. But once the engineering section or nacelle is jettisoned... there's no going back.
Also started work on the spine running down the dorsal side of the primary hull. Figured there'd be a lot of pipes and cables there.
Some jeffries tubes and ladders here and there, too.
Also, the keen eye will notice that I've added a corridor on Deck 2 under the bridge, where our unfortunate officer was blasted out into space.
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