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Yeah, so the time and resources spent on that mission which had no interesting characters and had no impact of the larger story (being yet another Cerberus only fight!) could so easily have been spent elsewhere.

That actually makes me wonder; has anyone done a tally on how often you fight Cerberus vs. how often you fight Reapers? It felt something like a 60/40 split where really it should have been the other way around.
This made me curious, so I looked it up by quickly flipping through the mission list Mass Effect Wiki.

Assuming I counted right, of the main missions (the Priority ones): 6 were against the Reapers (Earth, Palaven, Tuchanka, Thessia, Horizon, and Earth). 4 were Cerberus (Mars, Sur'Kesh, Citadel, and Cerberus HQ), and 2 were Geth (Dreadnought and Rannoch).

The side missions were another story. 10 were against Cerberus (including all of Omega counted as 1 mission), 1 against the Geth (+1 if you count the one inside the Geth consensus), 3 against the Reapers (Fuel Reactors, the Monastery, and the Leviathan missions), and 1 against some pathetic merc group while on shore leave on the Citadel.

So yeah, about half of the missions were actually against Cerberus. Huh.
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