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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

What makes the story of the studio imposing the secrecy very unconvincing to me is that Khan is an iconic villain and studios LOVE brand recognition. Promoting that an iconic villain is returning to Trek builds hype among fans and it gets movie goers interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. That's why Star Trek was brought back in the first place. If he was so much of a niche Trek thing that the filmmakers were so afraid of using, they sure jumped at the chance to include him as quickly as possible.

Really though, nothing about all this adds up, given the script process that Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof elaborated on how Khan was integrated and such. I'm sure Bad Robot was the one that actually insisted on this secrecy because the mystery box has always been their favorite toy to play with. The whole thing with "John Harrison" and the "big reveal" screams of it.

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^And here's hoping they don't retcon something else in their third film. A totally new adventure unrelated to anything from the other timeline would be nice.
You and me on that. My favorite part of the whole nuTrek universe so far has been the opening pre-title sequence in STID. That's the kind of Trek movie I want. Fun, breezy, adventurous, original, focused on the characters, no gimmicks. Just a straight up Trek story.

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But let's be honest, Trek XIII will totally be about the Borg. Paramount suits probably think it's "what everyone wants."
I'm sure the guys at Bad Robot totally agree on that too. "Yeah, and the Borg cube will be the size of a solar system! Cause everything's big!"
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