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Re: J.J. admits keeping Khan's identity a secret was a mistake

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If anything, they should never have mentioned that Cumberbatch was playing someone we already knew. They should have just presented him as John Harrison and left it at that. I don't know if they could have kept a tight lid on the truth behind that though.
This. The smart thing would have been to announce when Cumberbatch was cast that he was playing John Harrison and leave it at that. But instead, they just said Cumberbatch was a villain and refused to identify his character for ten months drawing lots of attention and causing all manner of speculation, fueled by Abrams and his henchmen saying he was playing a "canon character." By the time they did reveal the John Harrison name no one was fooled and everyone assumed it had to be an alias.

Maybe Paramount was stupid forcing Khan to be a secret, and I know I wouldn't have made that decision. However, Bad Robot handled the matter in such a piss-poor way. Remember Batman Begins had a twist regarding the identity of Liam Neeson's character that actually worked and fooled people? One thing Bad Robot excels at is copying the work of others. Was it really so hard to look at how Nolan and his folks managed to pull that off and imitate that, or would it have eaten into their time set aside for re-writing TWOK?
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