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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Don't worry, Antonio Smith says it's not that you suck, it's that the Patriots cheated:

I guess overcoming vanilla schemes is cheating, now? Even if it was brand new and a crazy scheme, he knows that once you show it, the other team is allowed to respond/adjust, no? Not sure what HIS team does during halftime, but pretty sure the Patriots attempt to make those adjustments at halftime when things aren't working... Then again, he's 2-10 this season, so maybe they just eat orange slices and take a break.
Antonio Smith is a jerk for overreacting to the media like that. The Pats beat us because they made good adjustments for the 2nd half, the Texans didn't on their defense. The Texans offense put on a good show the 2nd half, the defense didn't so we lost. It's as simple as Brady and the Pats doing what they do best.

Most of the Houston fans can see Smith was just being a sore loser. I can't wait for Kubiak to be fired.
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