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Re: Why didn't Chekov ever make Captain?

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Let's face it... when you're XO of a ship and manage to let it get hijacked by a wrathful madman who you just happened to forget about who steals a weapon of mass destruction which creates a cold war style conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire, your file isn't at the top of the promotion list.

This. In seven pages I've only seen a handful of references to the fact that Chekov was an XO of a starship. For some reason he went from 1st officer, second in command of the ship back down to a lower position on the Enterprise. Now, either Chekov believed that serving under Kirk as Navigator (end of Star Trek IV and Star Trek V) and Security Chief (Star Trek VI) was more preferable to being an XO on another Starship, or else Chekov was in some way blackmarked and prohibited from serving in that capacity any more.

Look at his career through the movies

TMP: Security Chief
WOK: 1st Officer of Reliant
SFS: No posting - awaiting reassignment
TVH: Serves as navigator at the end of the movie
TFF: Serves as navigator after Sybok takes control. Was left in command while Kirk and Spock were off ship.
TUC: Security Chief
GEN: No posting that we know of - served as a dignitary at the launch of Enterprise- B.

Books aren't canon, Of Gods and Men aren't canon. Going just by on-screen evidence, Chekov's career stalled after the events of Ceti Alpha V.
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