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It's almost emblematic of what was fundamentally wrong with the whole game. All the way through what is otherwise a world class narrative are these very very strange creative decisions that leaves one with an odd sense of cognitive dissonance. It's as if some other developer came in afterwards and (metaphorically) doodled little moustaches on the characters faces in a deliberate attempt to sabotage.

At first I just assumed that most if not all of this was down to a lack of time and things being left in an unfinished state. But the more I think about it, the more I find these things that just didn't need to be there at all. Allers, photoshop Tali, half the turret sections...Jacob's mission.

[Rant Incoming!]

I mean come on, Jacob gets hos own mission? Nobody liked that guy! Not only did he somehow manage to be even more boring than Kaiden was in ME1, his loyalty mission was the very definition of pointless. "Hey Shepard, my dad who has been dead to me for years may still be alive, let's go see him!" "Hey dad, you're an awful person and are still dead to me!" I wouldn't have minded him in ME3 so much but five seconds into the mission he sprains his ankle and spends the rest of the time sitting around and shouting at you through the radio. Hell it's even worse if you're one if the 0.001% of players that actually bothered to romance him, since he dumps Shepard about five seconds before he introduces her to his new *pregnant* fiancée. Ouch. Dick move bro!


Yeah, so the time and resources spent on that mission which had no interesting characters and had no impact of the larger story (being yet another Cerberus only fight!) could so easily have been spent elsewhere.

That actually makes me wonder; has anyone done a tally on how often you fight Cerberus vs. how often you fight Reapers? It felt something like a 60/40 split where really it should have been the other way around.
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