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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"


A court martial might be in the offing, but that depends on who survives this battle, and then on top of that who survives what else will behalf the next intercept group four.

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS K’mpec

Captain Tanaka held on for dear life. The structural integrity field holding the ship together strained in the grip of the shockwave. The powerful aftermath of the explosion battered the K’mpec around like one of the toy ships he used to play with as a boy.

But this was certainly no game he knew, as he pushed past his fear to bark commands. The helm rode the waves as best she could, in an attempt to break free of the vise. Kenji refused to look in the direction of his first officer’s chair. He knew that Lt. Commander Mehita was crumpled at its feet, her neck bent at a horrendous angle.

Tanaka wasn’t sure if Mehita was the first to fall, but he was certain she wouldn’t be the last.
************************************************** *************

Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

Captain Ottah had been mere minutes behind the K’mpec but that had been enough. He had quickly ordered the ship to turn hard about, just scraping against the wave that had carried Captain Tanaka’s ship aloft.

Despite that unfortunate turn, at least K’mpec still had a fighting chance. Ottah would never forget the image of the Baltimore vaporized before him, caught in an explosion that wiped out a great swath of the Chakuun fleet. Now the survivors appeared as lost and directionless as he felt.

But he would have to worry about them later. “Commander M’Reah, prepare a tractor beam,” he ordered, “We’re going after K’mpec and plucking her from that maelstrom.”
************************************************** ***************

Battle Lattice
Chakuun ghost ship Eviscerator

The Cohort-Major did his best to refashion the lattice, but so many minds had been lost. The lattice had been shattered beyond repair. The weight of the void was too much to bear. He damned himself for fleetingly thinking of retreating, of skulking back to Tholia to ask the Ruling Conclave for more vessels, including Tholian ones. It would be the greatest shame he could ever incur upon his bloodline and the reputation of his people.

However he saw no other way to defeat the invaders than with the full might of the Tholian Assembly. Yet he could not admit such weakness. So, only one other option was left to him.

He sent his command through the strands that he remained in contact with, using his grief to compel himself on the skeptical and to castigate the skittish. The battle might be lost but honor could be maintained. Die with honor, was his only command.
************************************************** *************
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