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Re: Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drones Revealed By CEO Jeff Bezos

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We are talking about communication-enabled drones here. What, a drone can't just text you, "I'm outside, please come get your package" and hover for a few minutes?

Use your imaginations, people.
I got it. I'm just not seeing how this could work in a urban enivornment like Los Angeles or New York. These drones have the potential of being distracting to drivers and even pedestrians when you get into densely populated areas.

I'll give Bezos credit for thinking ahead and potentially re-creating Amazon's business model from 24 hour delivery to virtually instant delivery.

I dunno man - most shit that I need in 30 minutes or less I'd get in the car instead and buy.
And if this takes off in a way that works (that is a big if), people will fall in love with this convenience. It will become another part of society, and we will all get to reminisce about how the neighborhood sky used to be drone free, with drones mainly being used only to kill people or spy....the way it should be.
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