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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

If it was just a jumping off point, that's fine, but it was sold as stand alone stories in an arc. And the other books have delivered on that while still contributing to the narrative. This one just didn't.

We got a lengthy depiction of the new station (fine), and the Bacco sub-plot. First one is just a description/intro, and the other one was just a few pages towards the end, and didn't resolve anything (not expected). This could have been worked into another book without losing anything.

The Kira part has yet to go anywhere, and didn't make a ton of sense on its own. If this part is INTENDED to go somewhere, it would have made just as much sense to have that be the first part of that NEXT book, and not just toss the intro scraps into this one. Nothing from this portion has had anything to do with the rest of the series to date, so why not hold it and do all that in one cohesive story later?

I think DRGIII just got the shaft here, and was given a bunch of scraps that needed to be worked in for later, without enough meat to hang a story on. I haven't had problems with his books, just not sure this was all his, or just something the editors wanted out there. Underwhelming mini-stories without resolution or payoff isn't something that's gonna be very popular, especially when the follow-up books don't continue the thread. Maybe it gets wrapped up at the end, but even then, that book will seem stronger but won't help save the first one...
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