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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x17 "Sins of the Father"

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Ronald D. Moore's "Sins of the Father" is arguably the episode that solidified how the Klingons would be interpreted in Star Trek for years to come. While most would regard this change to an alien culture as a good thing, I personally felt the change was... well, too much. Let me sum up.
  1. KURN: I am honored, Captain.
  2. KURN: I would be honored if you chose me.
  3. KURN: Together, we will restore the family honor.
  4. KURN: A Klingon's honor means more to him than his life.
  5. WORF: Why would you ask me to lay aside the honor of my father, my family?
  6. WORF: K'mpec urged me to drop my challenge, abandon my family honor.
  7. PICARD: The honor of his family must be restored.
  8. PICARD: What does this say of an Empire who holds honor so dear?
  9. K'MPEC: The Empire will not be destroyed for one family's honor.
  10. DURAS: His honor would demand revenge.
  11. PICARD: He needs you alive with your honor intact.
And that's just from this one episode. In the original Star Trek series, Kang is the only Klingon to ever use the word honor and it wasn't used to describe the Klingon culture.
KANG: For three years, the Federation and the Klingon Empire have been at peace. A treaty we have honored to the letter.
And that's it. No mention of being a warrior race either. Just an alien race that does their own thing without being so culturally obsessed about it.
For those fascinated with the evolution of Klingon culture seen in Star Trek, I highly recommend you listen to the Ron Moore commentary for THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK featured on the blu-ray, as he gets into how a lot of what he did on the Klingon episodes was based on what was presented in the third film. What we would see in that film (along with earlier episodes like "Heart of Glory" and "A Matter of Honor") is basically something he delved further into when he wrote his Klingon episodes.
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