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Re: Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drones Revealed By CEO Jeff Bezos

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If you are ordering 30 minute service you are more likely to get your package right as it is set down at your door.
My thoughts, exactly, concerning "theft." In the same vein, how many pizzas sit around on a doorstep, even in a good neighborhood, for several hours?

How many people will be injured by trying to approach the drone as it descends?

I live in a very small town, and our cable access station is equally very small. While considering new equipment, one of the board members suggested a quad-copter with camera to get some exotic shots of the Memorial Day parade, kids' field games, etc. Fly over crowds? The idea was quickly shot down on insurance arguments.

One more thought: What's the weight limit on that service?

Edit: 60 MINUTES exclusive, hmmm. Prided as a serious news show, the program is also a "magazine" format. This "news" is nothing less than free advertising for Amazon.
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