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Re: Amazon Prime Air Delivery Drones Revealed By CEO Jeff Bezos

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Operation "This Will Likely End Badly" is a go, apparently.

Never mind the obvious things, like bad weather and noise. What happens if one of these things gets 1) shot at, 2) stolen, or 3) crashes into somebody's house? The liability issues alone would be off the charts.

At least human drivers have some discretion over where they leave packages. If they consider a house or neighborhood unsafe or insecure, they won't leave the package. A drone can't do that, obviously.
everything you said I thought....
These drone deliveries would very likely be statistically more safe than drivers delivering the same packages. That of course would not stop the bad press that would follow any such accident.

For theft, I suppose the camera in the drone along with gps would deter many people, but this would be a real issue. I imagine some people could get quite skilled at poaching these packages, the same way they currently do with traditional deliveries. It would be an on going issue.

However, Amazon could take the risk. Part of the service will likely involve a small insurance fee built into the cost of 30 minute air delivery. Since Amazon will know via gps if the package made it or not they would know if you needed to be reimbursed for a failure. They may even have gps tracking software planned where you could watch a little line on your monitor as it shows the real time position of your package en route your house.

The instincts of the driver aren't a big concern. If you are ordering 30 minute service you are more likely to get your package right as it is set down at your door. If it sits there for half the day or even a couple hours as is common with normal deliveries, that would be more risky even in a "nice" neighborhood.

Edit to add: Given how big a factor the wind alone would be, never mind other weather types, the availability of this service would be significantly limited until such a time that the tech is vastly improved.
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