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Re: Reporting Drunk Drivers

Doc_192 wrote: View Post
Nice catch, mate! You'd think someone who is intelligent enough to operate a computer would also be able to discover how a calendar works. That thread was made ages before my last post. If you find it impossible to believe me, try looking into your own systems. Computers usually don't lie.
I didn't do any in-depth research into when your last post was, because despite your bizarre insistence that we had some Highlander-like feud going on for ages, you were barely a blip on my radar.

As Iguana says (thank you, btw, Iguana ) there was no bitter feud between us, unless you've conjured one up as part of your very active imagination. I mostly considered your weird tales of the seedy underbelly of Sweden and quirks like the Cockney text accent amusing and mostly harmless, and usually just played along with the storyline for fun just like everyone else. Are you pissed that I didn't fall for your obviously fake adventures and pretend girlfriend posts and treat them as gospel?

Also, I realize my English is probably too poor for your great holyness so I'll try to take it again. This time in bold.

"Can I assume you were the one who banned me last time? Or was it someone else?" - Where in that post did I say it was you? I don't remember if you were a mod back then, but you're clearly one now. I simply assumed because, quite frankly, you're a bully and I wouldn't put it past you.
Right, must be because of all the infractions I've unfairly given you before, which amounted to a grand total of... zero. Yesterday's was your first from me, and it was about as clear-cut of a flame as you can get.

I understood your post just fine, thanks, including the clear accusation behind it. How did you expect me to respond to the implication that I just ban people on a whim, given that A) I've never done that, B) I couldn't do that without consequences even if I wanted to, because the board has other mods and admins who oversee each infraction, and C) the thought of banning you before didn't even cross my mind because I don't even dislike you or consider you a major problem, I just find you kind of odd and amusing.

Though this time registering the dual is a dealbreaker for you, but that will get dealt with from on high, not by me.

Oh and you PM doesn't seem to be answerable. So I'll write here. Why don't we make it double or nothing so we can end this bloody feud once and for all? All I want is a some peace and bloody quiet. Clearly that is not possible with you here on the forums. I'll check back on occasion to see if you gone or not.

My PM Inbox is working just fine, btw. That's on your end since, as mentioned, you don't have enough posts yet to activate PMs.

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
I do find it ironic that this thread got derailed because of Locutus' baiting using that thread bomb, and not because of that Ares/Doc dude's initial post. Why didn't you just say nothing? Instead you've made that thread all about him.
Because I was sure that it was Ares, but was awaiting official confirmation from a dual check, and just figured it would be easy enough to get him to confirm it himself given a little push in the right direction. The primary discussion of the thread was mostly done days ago anyway and was fairly open and shut, so it wasn't really derailing anything.
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