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Re: RoboCop: The Series

6. "Ghosts Of War"

Thought this one was a very strong episode. Vietnam war allegory, the raw vets of the 'Amazon Conflict' are being used for nefarious purposes. An obvious storyline in a way, but very well told here. I thought it was terrific the way 'Combat Bill' was in actuality Frank Uno, one of Murphy's old childhood friends, and the flashbacks really hit an emotional nerve for me in this one.

The continuity nods to the Amazonian conflict were nice. This is one of the few little pieces of continuity that was carried through a few of the original movies, so it's very nice to see it being used as the basis for a story here.

It seems to me Diana is pretty exposed security-wise. Is it really helpful that the computer which literally controls everything in this future Detroit can seemingly be shut down so relatively easy? What happens if there is some kind of naturally occuring power failure? I can't help but wonder what kinds of fail-safes there are to protect the system (especially the living person within it!). I don't know, I could be missing something. It seemed a little too easy to throw her into shut-down mode here. Felt like artificial danger. Mind you, the gang have presumably got all sorts of high-tech they stole from the OCP warehouse at the beginning, so it could be that there was a piece of dialogue I missed which covered this.

For those who feel the series has toned down violence, the Commander Cash skit in this one ought to be a real eye-opener: an advert for a children's toy gun, complete with an exploding Bag O' Guts which is depicted quite viscerally. Mind, I suppose it is technically "cartoon violence"...
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