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Re: The Motion Picture question..

A dissenting opinion:

There's no way I could endorse the idea of TMP being a good start, or any kind of start, to the Trek movie series. So many things went wrong in the script process of TMP that it's a wonder that any of the actual filming and postproduction turned out well. What's more, the actors had to endure long scenes of reacting to special effects that hadn't been created yet, and by some combination of that and Wise's direction, there's no fun in their performances. The restart of the series in 1982 - and recall, please, that the initial TWoK release prints did not include "II" in the title - did not have these problems, whatever one might say about what was lost when one or another element of TMP wasn't retained.

Credentials, of sorts: I own the TMP and TWoK director's edition DVDs, as well as the TMP (color) Fotonovel; also saw the first eight movies in theater (II and III on premiere day) as well as the first network broadcasts of TMP and TWoK.
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