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Re: Lost Girl season 4

Maybe Kris Holden Reid can have a cameo on that show. That might make him one of the first ever actors to be a werewolf 3 times over.

I'm currently 8 episodes into my Season 3 DVDs. I'm definately enjoying Lauren more this season than I have before. I think that Zoie Palmer & the writers have both finally figured out who the character is and have decided to run with it. And the results are really cute! I'm still not sure I'm sold on Bo & Lauren as a couple, though.

Tamsin is a bitch but she's kind of a fun bitch.

Need more Kenzi. But then, everything needs more Kenzi. Kenzi needs more Kenzi. (Good thing I got an episode with 2 Kenzis. )

And I was pleasantly surprised to see "There's Bo Place Like Home." I'd been asking for an episode like that almost since the show began.
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